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Life line Outreach Ministries 

23060 Scottswood Ct. 

Elkhart, IN 46514 


Dear Friends of Lifeline, 

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read the enclosed 2013 news letter. 

The mission of Lifeline is the Great Commission, set forth by the Lord Jesus Christ and 
we do this in a variety of ways from the Bashor Children's Home Ministry to the Elkhart 
County Jail Ministry, we evangelize and minister on the streets of our cities, we love 
blessing folk and sharing Jesus during our annual Christmas Box Outreaches. Plus, in the 
warm weather months we share Christ in a powerful way during our Block Party 

In this current newsletter we will be highlighting some of our recent outreaches and let 
me tell you, it has been incredible! The Bashor Ministry has been over and beyond what I 
was anticipating. We recently had our first "one-eighty" event and most every student 
attended. The altar call was amazing! And many signed up for a Bible Study that we will 
be starting soon. 

Also in this newsletter, we will be sharing how the Christmas Box Outreach turned out, 
the neat things going on in the Elkhart County Jail Ministry, plus the great things God is 
doing with us as we team up with the Teen Challenge here in Elkhart. 

We do so appreciate your prayers and support of Life Line Outreach Ministries and for helping us 
to fulfill the great commission of winning souls for Christ. 

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for holding us before the Lord as we seek 
to share His love and grace with those who do not yet know Him. 

Being light in a dark world, 

Steve & Jodi Ignowski 
Lifeline Outreach Directors 




Newsletter 20B 

We at Life Line Outreach have been going into the Bashor Children's Home for several months now. 
The Lord opened the door, last year, when South Bend Juvenile closed in July. That was when we had 
the concert at Bashor with PS 150 and soon after that we started coming in on a twice a month schedule. 

The mission at Bashor is simple, "love on the kids!" while we build relationships and interaction with 
them. We play board games, we play basketball with the guys, and we even have been teaching guitar. 
The whole reason for this relationship building is for God to tear down those walls that separate trust 
and openness. So many of these young people have been hurt, and many have made poor decisions; 
most have built so much separation around themselves, that it is even difficult to have a sixty second 
conversation with them. But we know that nothing is impossible with God! 

So that is our plan and strategy, if you will. And it's working, the guys are 
opening up and we have had moments of good dialog and interaction. And as 
we felt as progress was getting made we launched out to have a campus wide 
meeting called the "180 event." At this event everyone at Bashor was invited 
and we had some music, we ministered the Word of God, we shared some 
testimonies and called the students up for prayer, to make a "180" move away 
from sin and to move forward following Jesus. 

It was a blast! ! We had some fun- we allowed one of the students to perform a 
couple of songs. We also blessed the students with some awesome gifts. It was 
a great time! 

Pastor Scott Phenis, delivered a powerful 

message to the students, sharing how God uses 

the insignificant things to complete His will. 

He shared the Bible account (John 6) on how 

Jesus used a little lads insignificant lunch of 

five loves and 2 fish to feed over five thousand 


Pastor Scott went on exhorting the students 
that even though they may feel insignificant, 
they are precious and important to God and 
how God can totally change a life if we come 
to Him. Amen! 



St mt 








It was a powerful word and many students came forward for prayer. We're 
excited! In fact, I am total overjoyed, because over twenty students signed 
up for Bible study! Praise God! Please keep the Bashor students in prayer. 
Please pray for the Lord to give us wisdom and His continued direction and 
His plans at Bashor. Amen. Thank you! 






Abig shout Of "Praise God!" for our 
new Life Line Generator/ 

Thank you God for this awesome tool for the ministry! 
Also, a shout of "thanks!" to all the Life Line supporters! 

Over the summer we finally were able to get our own 
generator for all of our ministry events. 

Since many of our outreaches are outdoors and we set up in 
obscure places like empty lots, vacant fields, parking lots, 
etc. the accessibility to electricity is almost nonexistent. 
This unit will deliver all the electrical power we need for all 
of our sound equipment and other items like the air pumps 
that are required to constantly run to keep the bounce house 

In the past we have been limited, always having to set up 
close to an electricity outlet and then drag long extension 
cords. Now, we can be more flexible setting up our 
outreaches anywhere we wish. . .Well, almost anywhere 
. . .lol. Again, we praise our God for His provision! 





Newsletter 20B 

It is an honor and a privilege to be connected with the North Central 
Indiana Teen Challenge. I totally love the heart and vision of what Teen 
Challenge is about, "discipleship" and "evangelism." David Wilkerson 
founded the ministry in the late 1950's- it is now world wide and it is 
impacting lives everywhere. 

Late last year, God connected Life Line Outreach with this ministry here 
in Elkhart, IN and it has been awesome! Many of the brothers here at TC 
have been involved in helping and serving at our outreaches, either on the 
streets or in the facilities and what is really neat about this, is that for 
many of these guys it's their first experience in outreach and evangelism. 
This gives them the opportunity to give back and to show the love of 
Christ, that they themselves have experienced. 

A big shout to the director of NCITC Andy Collins, and the staff at the 
Elkhart Teen Challenge, they are making a difference in theses men's 
lives as they teach, mentor and disciple these guys. 

On December 7 th , 2012, it was an honor and a blessing for us at Life Line 
to lead the Chapel Service at TC. In fact, we made a whole evening of it 
by getting pizza for the guys before the service, we also, with the help of 
my Pastor Jeff Cooper, and the worship team of Christ's Kingdom 
Fellowship lead the pre-service prayer time and the worship time. It was 
anointed and powerful! Then, I was able to share a message the Lord put 
on my heart, about never turning back. Sharing what Jesus told us, 
"Remember Lot's Wife!" The altar time was powerful, as several men 
came forward for prayer and to seek God. God moved and touched lives! 


Teen Challenge is a 12-15 month Christian 
rehabilitation program for men who are 18 years 
and older. They deal with life controlling problems- 
drugs and alcohol are the most predominate 
issues. J esus and knowing Him is the key to the 
program, which will bring a total life 
transformation! The program has incredible 
success rate. 




^^^ "^^EXIT* 



Page 3 


We concluded the evening with blessing each man at the 
center with his own Christmas gift bag, filled with Christian 
books, a cross necklace, some candy and commissary items. 
All these guys are away from family, and many don't even 
have family visiting them, so it was a blessing to give them 
something for Christmas. We at Life Line say "thank you" to 
those who partner with us and give financially. You all make 
this possible, and we bless you for that in Jesus name! ! 

After we passed out the Christmas gift bags it was time for 
some cake and fellowship! It was neat hanging out and 
spending some time with the guys, talking to them and 
encouraging them. I can assure you that God is doing a work 
in many of these men's lives and I know tonight was a small 
part of it. Amen! 

Please keep TC in your prayers. 
It was an incredible evening! 


One of the purposes of this newsletter is to communicate with 
you, our friends, what Life Line Outreach Ministries is doing to 
fulfill the Great Commission. We strongly believe that this is our 
mandate, to reach people for Jesus. Jesus said "Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel to everyone." And we have a mission 
field right here in the United States. I thank God for over seas 
missions, but right here in our own homeland we are ripe for 
revival. The USA is a mission field! I believe that God is not 
done with America! People need Jesus right here in our 
neighborhoods and in our cities; more and more young people are 

in-different to the Gospel, the Church, and to God. It's sad! But I know there is hope-because with God all 
things are possible! I believe that! Our Lord Jesus still saves , He still heals and He still delivers ! Amen! 

Please prayerfully consider being a financial supporter to this ministry. I am not into making big appeals in 
regards to asking for funds, nor will I result to gimmicks or guilt laden tactics. I'll just say this, "It takes all 
of us to do our part- We are the body of Christ, we are in this together." Amen! 

As you take the time to look at this newsletter you can see what we are all about and what we are doing to 
reach people for Jesus. Please know that all funds given to this ministry will be used for soul winning and 
helping the needy. Jodi and I have full-time jobs, we are workers, we believe in working. Our jobs, which 
are a blessing from the Lord, are the financial means by which we pay our bills and put food on our table. 
Please know that no funds given to Life Line Outreach Ministries will be used for anything other than 
outreach, benevolence, soul winning and ministry. Please pray and if you would so desire to support Life 
Line please see the information below. Thank you and God bless! 

We are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization 
and your financial gifts are all tax deductible 


23060 Scottswood CT. 

Elkhart, IN 46514 


Step Out Of Ihe Boat 

Article by Steve Ignowski 

I love the Bible account of Peter stepping out of the boat, 
because it speaks to me how we as mere humans can launch 
out beyond the comfortable and normalcy. It speaks to me on 
how just one word from the Lord- acted on in obedience, can 
be impacting and life changing! Amen. 

It's exciting to know that we don't have to be limited to those around us. We don't have to be boxed in by 
those who allow lack of time, fear or something different- hold them back. So many church folk are on a cycle 
of routine and normalcy. To put it simply, they are in a rut! But it doesn't have to be that way. No, we can 
launch out and do great things for Jesus, beyond the common and beyond the average. 

Paraphrasing the Bible account in Math 14: 22-33, Jesus sent his disciples into the boat to go ahead of Him to 
the other side of the lake. After Jesus prayed He came to them, walking on the water! They became fearful and 
terrified; they thought Jesus was a ghost. Jesus called out to them to take courage and be not afraid. It was then 
that Peter replied back to Jesus and asked Him, "Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water." 
then Jesus spoke back, "Come." So Peter stepped out in obedience of the Word, toward Jesus walking on the 
water! Amen. 

Yeah, I know, Peter seen the wind and waves he became fearful and started to sink. But remember this, 
immediately Jesus reached out to Peter and saved him from drowning. ( I like that word "immediately.") 

Please remember this, when we step out in obedience to the Word of the Lord, God has our back. Amen. He is 
watching over us, He is right there with us. That is reassuring to me; it gives me the added courage knowing 
He is always there to help us- We need to always remember that. Praise you Jesus! 

I'm sure the other disciples reminded Peter how foolish he looked by almost drowning. I bet they also brought 
to his attention that he was fearful and took his eyes off of Jesus. I'm sure a couple of them even took him 
aside and rebuked him for even stepping out in the first place. They probably said something like, "Peter, see 
what happens when you go against the norm? You need to stay in this boat like the rest of us." - "Just follow 
what we do Peter and you'll be OK?" .... Really? I say "no way!" 

I commend Peter for stepping out of the norm and the complacency of religion. I salute his effort of stepping 
away from cliques' and tradition of men that hold so many of us back that we end up doing absolutely nothing 
for the kingdom of God! I thank you Peter, for showing us that "we walk by faith, not by sight!". Thank you 
Peter, for being an example, that without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must 
believe that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him!" Amen. 

Let's launch out this year for souls! Let's launch out to advance the Kingdom! Let's launch out past the norm 
and mundane of religiosity! Amen! As we move into 2013 let us remember the example that Peter gave us and 
Let us "step out of the boat." 




Newsletter 2013 

God lead us to nine families who we knew were in a very 
needy situation. Many of the families we connected with 
were either working temporary day labor jobs, or they were 
unemployed. In fact one of the families we were able to help 
was a single mother with four children. Things have been 
really rough for her lately, as she was recently homeless for 
a short time. She was so appreciative to receive a Christmas 
box with food and presents for her kids. It was such a 
blessing helping her, sharing Jesus with her, and praying 
over her. 

The one nice thing about this years outreach was the 
intimacy we had with each family we blessed. By having a 
scheduled time that we arrived, this allowed us to fellowship 
with the families. We shared and they shared. We testified 
and exhorted the awesomeness of our God- Jesus! We 
laughed, we cried, we hugged. Words in some way can't 
describe how the day went, especially in light of the 
Connecticut massacre, which happened the day before this 
outreach. People are emotional and many of the families we 
talked to are fearful. So it was a blessing to minister Jesus 
with everyone, because it is only through Jesus that people 
can receive true peace! He is the Prince of Peace! Amen. It 
was a blessing to offer comfort to the families as we prayed 
for the Lord's protection over each family member, 
including their children. 


Each Christmas Box Was 

loaded to the top... Including 

a 5 LB Canned Ham 

Some awesome fruitfrom today's outreach: 

We were able to pray for Nikki and her Mother as 
they called out to the Lord for forgiveness and 

Also, a man named Mike, who I work with, he is 
struggling financially. He was one of the nine 
families, he cried out to Jesus this day to forgive him 
of his sins. Amen! 

A shout of thanks to all who partnered with us in 
prayer and finances! 

Mike (pictured with his 

Dad) cried out to J esus 


Nine needy families were blessed and encouraged today! 

Nikki and her Mother called 
out to J esus today! 

Page 6 

It's been one full year that Life Line Outreach 
Ministries has been going into the Elkhart County Jail, 
and I can personally tell you that it is a complete 
blessing and it is going awesome! ! What a privilege it 
is to go into the jail and minister to the guys! 

We have built some awesome relationships with the 
guys. Many of them are waiting on sentencing with 
the courts, or they are waiting to go to a state facility 
and during these waiting times, which might take up to 
6-18 months, many of the guys come on a regular 
basis, which is powerful as it allows them to 
be discipled and experience the Lord and grow in the 
things of God! 





By building an accord and building relationships with 
the guys, and teaching them the Word, this has 
allowed the group that attends to grow. The men are 
encouraged to minister to the new inmates in their cell 
blocks and to have them sign up to come to our 
Thursday night meetings. Amen. 

One of things we share with these guys once we know 
that they have a relationship with Jesus, is that they 
can be used by God right now, right where they are at, 
even in their jail cells. Amen! Many of these guys are 
on fire for the Lord, as they have truly experienced a 
living Savior! This is an encouragement to them to 
know that God will work through them right now. 




The way the Lord directed me to lead the ministry at 
the jail was to start with Praise and Worship. And 
since it's not allowed to bring instruments and a band 
into the jail, we do the next best thing; we bring in 
DVD recordings of live anointed worship. Each room 
has a TV/DVD, so this allows us to praise and worship 
God together. Music is powerful and it is spiritual; it 
sets the atmosphere for the meeting 

We always allow the Spirit of God to have His way 
during the service. After the praise and worship we get 
into the Word and teach & preach the messages God 
has laid on our hearts. We also make opportunity for 
the men to testify and share prayer requests. And being 
lead by the Spirit, we minister one on one sharing 
more personal with the guys. We always offer 
opportunity for the men to get right with the Lord and 
with the group growing, it seems like every week new 
men are coming in, we have seen many men call out 
unto Jesus for salvation. 

God is doing some great things in the Elkhart county 
Jail. Please keep the jail ministry in your prayers. 





Page 7 



Life Line Outreach Ministries is having an 

Information/Fellowship Meeting on March 16 th , 2013 at 

our home, 23060 Scottswood Ct. Elkhart, IN 46514 

We will be covering in detail, areas of the Block 

Party Outreaches that start in May. Some of the 

areas of discussion will be: target locations, the dates 

and times of the events, the goal of these outreaches, 

the description of each service position and 

positioning people where they are gifted. We will 

answer questions, sharing prayer needs, and more. 

We will be providing a meal, so we will have some 

good eats, plus this will be a great time for all of us 

to build some camaraderie with each other. It is 

going to be a great time! We would love for all of 
those who are involved in Life Line Outreach in any 

capacity to please attend this meeting. We would 

also like to use this meeting as a way to introduce 
new people to the Life Line Outreaches. If you know 

anyone who has a heart for souls and evangelism- 
please invite them to this meeting. 

Hope to see you March 16 


Thank you for taking the time to read and look over 

this news-letter. Please keep Life Line Outreach 

Ministries in your prayers. Please pray about being 

apart of this years outreaches by coming to the 

March 16 th meeting. 

We love you all! ! God bless you, 

Steve & Jodi Ignowski 

Life Line Outreach Founders/Directors 





/U3JST24 H 






■ WISTP'F ■ 

L 1 

Steve Ignowski n^^^g 


lifeline Outreach 

Monday, December 17, 2012 

n& Christian Coi